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Who does not like a Ghost Story, or talk about things that go bump in the night?

Nearly everyone loves a good ghost story, and Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson deliverers’ great ghost stories every week.
Featuring ghost hunters from around the nation and the world, they gather on the program and tell about their adventures in the paranormal and set their evidence down for listeners to evaluate. Each tells listeners in their own words their true-life experiences.

Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson is nonpolitical. Listeners tire of being continually barraged with polarized points of view telling them what they must believe.  For this very reason, many political programs are turned off, resulting in stations losing their audience and advertising revenue.  Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson reverses this trend by engaging your listeners’ imaginations and their curiosity.  Consequently, listeners stay tuned to hear what will happen next.  THIS IS GOOD RADIO!

Drive new Listeners to your station like a magnet.

Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson is suitable to be aired on any station with any format. Because of the nature of the topic the program will attract listeners whether it be a talk or rock station. The program has experienced increasing numbers of listeners each week, week after week.  This experience can be yours.

Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson is a program that takes listeners back to a time when people gathered around the radio to programming that sparked the theatre of the mind.  It is time tested in retaining listenership….translating into higher advertising revenue for your station.

Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson is available now for your station.

All breaks are timed at set intervals, allowing you to set and forget your programming.  While most network programming carries a heavy weight in barter ads and long-term contracts, Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson is not. You get the lions share of commercial time 6 minutes 10 seconds at the top of the hour and 6 minutes spread out in 2 – 3 minutes breaks for a total of 12 minutes each hour to do with as you please. While Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson only takes 5:30

Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson airs every Sunday,  7 to 10 pm PST, 10 to 1 EST

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