10. 07-08-18 Kentuckiana Paranormal Investigations Society

Kentuckiana Paranormal Investigations Society

These pics were taken at Kasey Cemetery (aka Gates of Hell) in Elizabethtown, KY.  The cemetery dates back 300 years and is abandoned. There is rumor of satanic rituals performed there and a teenage boy hanging.himself.

This is a pretty impressive evp from Kasey Cemetery.

When we do an evp session, I always say who is there so we can recognize voices. After I say my name, you can hear a strange voice repeat it. It wasn’t anyone in our group.

This pic is also from Kasey Cemetery. It appears mist coming up from a grave.

This pic is from a private residence investigation. The orb above the chair seems to have a gentleman’s face in it.

When we showed it to the homeowner, she showed us a picture of her late father. The picture and the face in the orb were very similar.