14. 08-19-2018 The C.O.P.S CREW Jay & Marie Yates

Jay & Marie Yates
Husband and Wife more commonly known for their paranormal encounters featured on several major television networks including; Travel, SyFy, Destination America, Biography, Travel & Escape, and Oxygen Network.They have appeared on many popular reality tv shows such as; Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, My Ghost Story, Ghost Adventures-Aftershocks, and Haunted Case Files.
Although, they are not limited to television alone as they regularly appear as guests at conventions, expos, festivals, and events. Sharing their passion and ongoing haunted encounters with groups during Q&A’s, Panels, and Lectures. In addition, they both host their vary own Guest Investigator program which allows others to experience ghost hunting and trade techniques.
Outside of that Jay & Marie both lead a successful and experienced team of passion driven individuals with extremely diverse backgrounds into the darkest corners of the desert southwest. Their team Crossing Over Paranormal Society “The COPS Crew” was established after they went through an extreme haunting with little to no help. Their mission is to seek only truth, understanding, and proof of the paranormal by any means necessary.
Furthermore, focusing on only the most extreme of hauntings with a passion for helping families struggling in silence as they once did. Jay coming from a background of being haunted since birth and Marie inheriting those haunting in marriage.
The Yates personal accounts of their ongoing haunted experiences continue to captivate audiences in lecture halls, television, radio, news, panels discussions, & special appearances year round

Investigation Footage

Sick of him/her EVP. Jay clowning around at Old Sunkist Factory gets quality EVP.

EVP Caught during set up screaming help me!